Construction Management


In The News

T.Y. Lin International Announces Completion of Joliet Gateway Center in Joliet, Illinois
July 16, 2018

T.Y. Lin International Announces Completion of IL 390 Tollway in Northeastern Illinois
December 08, 2017

What We Do

For our engineers, understanding the complexities of the construction process is invaluable in guiding clients through the most critical phase of project development. Following time-tested and proven engineering and inspection practices, we've been involved in safely bringing many of the world's most challenging infrastructure construction projects to fruition.

Areas of Expertise

We maintain and document communication, manage schedules, ensure the quality of materials and the final product, and assume fiduciary responsibilities for our clients.

Through our efforts, clients have confidently passed numerous quality and financial audits in order to secure funding or receive financial reimbursement for their projects. Our staff takes the same pride and workmanship in the construction process that our designers do in creating some of the world's most fascinating infrastructure projects.

Key Clients

  • Developers
  • Cities and Counties
  • Highway Toll Authorities
  • Local Municipalities
  • Regional Transportation Authorities/Agencies
  • State Departments of Transportation