Bayshore Bikeway, Multiple Segments

Bayshore Bikeway, Multiple Segments

San Diego County, California
United States
Bayshore bikeways

TYLin served as Prime Consultant for multiple segments of the Bayshore Bikeway in San Diego County, California, for an on-call contract with San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

The Bayshore Bikeway is a regional bike path that will extend 24 miles around San Diego Bay, supplying a scenic connection to local businesses and recreational destinations. With an emphasis on improving mobility throughout the San Diego region, the bikeway is one of the many active transportation projects in SANDAG’s TransNet Program.

TYLin overcame numerous challenges on the various segments, from finding creative solutions within environmental and right-of-way (ROW) constraints to achieving community acceptance and coordinating standards for projects passing through multiple jurisdictions.

Project Highlights: 

TYLin’s transportation task orders for the Bayshore Bikeway include: 

Bayshore Bikeway, Segments 7 and 8A in Chula Vista, California – TYLin provided environmental and engineering services for the permitting and design of a Class I bikeway facility as part of a gap closure. 

Bikeway improvements were made to asphalt and concrete upgrades, roadways, lighting, and drainage, along with signing and striping, minor grading, and a fence.  

The project required extensive coordination between multiple property owners and stakeholders including City of Chula Vista, SANDAG, San Diego Gas & Electric, the Port of San Diego, and the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). 

Bayshore Bikeway, Segment 8B in Chula Vista, California - TYLin provided environmental and preliminary engineering services for a Class I bike facility to close the gap between Segments 8a and 9 of the bike path. 

TYLin analyzed the feasibility and potential impacts of four alternatives. Alternative alignments included along the shoulder of Bay Boulevard, next to the existing San Diego & Arizona Eastern railroad tracks, along the existing Salt Works haul road, and along the I-5 frontage road.  

TYLin led SANDAG and stakeholders through a series of alternatives development workshops to determine the two alternatives to be carried into environmental review and 30% design. With portions located in the cities of Chula Vista and San Diego, Segment 8B proposed impacts to an existing railroad ROW and wetland channels. 

Improvements included a permeable plain cement concrete (PCC) surface, concrete box culvert, bike path signing and striping, minor grading and street improvements, and reconfiguration of a chain‑link fence.  

Coordination was required with multiple stakeholders, including the City of San Diego, MTS, California Department of Transportation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Board, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  

Bayshore Bikeway, Segment 4 and 5 in San Diego and National City, California - TYLin obtained National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) certification, developed the final plans, specifications, and estimate (PS&E), and provided design support services for Segments 4 and 5 of the Bayshore Bikeway.  

This part of the bikeway begins at the main entrance of U.S. Naval Base San Diego at 32nd Street and travels through multiple jurisdictions, including the cities of San Diego and National City, United States Navy, and Port of San Diego.  

Improvements included a permeable PCC surface, bike path and roadway signage and striping, the replacement of a segment of perimeter security fencing at the Naval Base, traffic signal modifications, pedestrian push buttons at multiple signals, and an LED enhanced pedestrian warning system. Other elements include a mid-block crossing, retaining walls, bridge improvements, storm drain improvements, and median and roadway improvements.  


Project of the Year, 2016
American Public Works Association, San Diego/Imperial Chapter (APWA-SD)
Project Achievement Award, Bayshore Bikeway Segment 4, 2016
Construction Management Association of America, San Diego Chapter