TYLin Alliance Brand, Introba, Launches Research and Development Initiative

TYLin Alliance Brand, Introba, Launches Research and Development Initiative

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TYLin applauds Introba for its commitment to sustainability and digital innovation in the built environment

Introba, a member of TYLin’s global alliance of brands, has solidified its commitment to positively affecting the built environment with the creation of the Impact Fund. The Impact Fund supports the sharing of insights gained, and programs devised, to promote sustainability and digital innovation.

Through the Impact Fund, Introba shares its knowledge, expertise, and advancements with others across the industry. This initiative allows Introba to create a platform of knowledge, boost innovation, and generate resilient ideas and action.

Visit the Impact Fund to learn more about the fund or review specific insights.

About Introba

Introba is one of the world’s largest building engineering and consulting firms with more than 1,000 employees in offices across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Serbia, and Australia. Committed to reshaping the world, the Introba problem solvers combine cutting-edge digital solutions with emerging innovations and industry-leading sustainability strategies to transform the built environment. Introba collaborates with clients to create living systems that are smart, secure, resilient, and connected – spaces that uplift communities, protect the health of the planet, and adapt to meet the demands of the future.

About TYLin

Founded in 1954, TYLin is a globally recognized, full-service infrastructure consulting firm committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, constructible designs for the global infrastructure market. With 3,200 employees working in 65 offices throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the firm provides support on projects of varying size and complexity. TYLin is part of Dar Group, one of the world’s leading architecture, engineering, project management and energy consultancy groups.