Deep Green Line for Monorail MRT

Deep Green Line for Monorail MRT

Deep Green Line for Monorail MRT

TYLin is providing planning studies for the Deep Green Line, a new mass rapid transit (MRT) system in Tainan, Taiwan.

Taiwan has six large cities, and Tainan, the country’s oldest city, is the only one without an MRT system. To solve traffic problems caused by population growth and urban development, the Tainan City Government has implemented the “Tainan Advanced Transportation System Plan.”

Due to the city’s narrow roads, a monorail system has been chosen as the best solution. The Deep Green Line is one of the priority networks and will connect two major industrial- and technology-based towns: Southern Taiwan Science Park and Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City.

TYLin is providing the feasibility study for the Deep Green Line, including the transportation analysis and forecast, route and station planning, land development for station facilities, public transportation system integration, operations plan, and financial analysis.

Project Highlights: 

  • Tainan is the first city in Taiwan to choose a monorail for its MRT system. 
  • The total length of the Deep Green Line will be 25 kilometers, with 22 stations and one depot. 
  • TYLin’s Taiwan team will participate in the planning, design, and construction of a complete monorail system.