I-95 Piscataqua River Bridge

The I-95 Piscataqua River Bridge: A Case Study in Innovative Traffic Management

The I-95 Piscataqua River Bridge: A Case Study in Innovative Traffic Management

Necessity has always been the driving force behind innovation. As the Project Manager for the I-95 Piscataqua River Bridge rehabilitation project, I am pleased to share how TYLin’s advanced traffic management solution kept traffic moving throughout construction on the State of Maine’s busiest structure.

The Piscataqua River Bridge serves as a critical transportation artery, facilitating the movement of tens of millions of vehicles each year. The structure is vital to Maine’s economy. However, as the bridge aged, major rehabilitation became imperative, presenting the project team with the daunting challenge of maintaining traffic flow and safety throughout the construction process.

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Road Zipper

An Innovative Option

The combination of the detailed MOT scheme with precise lane closure windows and the mandatory use of the Road Zipper System® was a unique innovation that had never been used in northern New England — and few times elsewhere. It solved the complex problem of rehabilitating this massive structure without negatively impacting traffic or creating a safety risk.

Lessons Learned

Daniel Myers 2023
Daniel Myers, PE
Project Manager and Engineer-of-Record

Daniel has experience with a wide range of bridge engineering efforts, from culverts, habitat connectivity, and hydraulics to complex steel girder bridges, truss rehabilitations, and massive alternative delivery projects. His expertise in complex structural analysis, design, and detailing is balanced by practical field experience as a construction project resident and inspector. His greatest passion is working with people on local projects that matter to communities.