Christine Bianchi

Christine Bianchi
Christine Bianchi
Project Engineer

Christine is a seasoned traffic engineer dedicated to improving the safety and multimodal accessibility of our streets and roadways.

She sees every project as an opportunity to strengthen community connections and enhance safety, while looking to provide connectivity and wellness opportunities. She values the strength of her team and peers to collaborate on projects.

Christine leads traffic and safety analysis efforts on transportation, street, and highway design projects. She identifies, prioritizes, and details transportation strategies to provide a quality of life and economic climate that meets the needs and expectations of residents and businesses. Her project specialty focuses on performing traffic impact studies for municipalities, departments of transportation, and large development projects.

Professional affiliations:

  • Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE), Board Member of New York Upstate Section
  • Village of Geneseo Planning Board, Geneseo, NY (1998 – 2006)

 Areas of expertise:

  • Traffic analysis
  • Traffic engineering
  • Traffic modeling
  • Traffic signal design
  • Multimodal traffic modeling software
  • Crash analysis

 Publications and presentations:

  • Gananda Parkway Pedestrian and Bicycle Active Transportation Plan, Public Meetings, 2020 and 2021
  • Village of Avon Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking Study, Public Meetings, 2020