George Baker

George Baker
George Baker, PE, P.Eng., Eng.
AVP, Principal Bridge Engineer

Licensed as a professional engineer across North America, George is a respected authority on new bridge design and the rehabilitation of long-span bridges.

George is experienced in all phases of multi-span bridge design and construction engineering, which encompass all aspects of single-span and complex bridge structures, including prestressed concrete girder bridges, steel trusses, steel girders, and cable-supported bridges.

His area of focus is on the design of cable systems, seismic design, and the rehabilitation of bridges in active seismic zones. He has produced final designs, specifications and estimates for suspension systems, cable anchorages, and continuous steel box girder suspended structures. Notable projects include design studies for new orthotropic decks for the George Washington and Bronx-Whitestone (suspension) Bridges in New York City.

Areas of expertise:

  • Bridge design
  • Seismic analysis

Publications and presentations:

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