T.Y. Lin International Announces Official Opening of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore

T.Y. Lin International Announces Official Opening of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore

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T.Y. Lin International Group (TYLI), a globally recognized full-service infrastructure consulting firm, announces the official opening of the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) in Singapore. The first private hospital to be built from the ground up in Singapore in more than 30 years, MNH, which opened on September 13, 2014, incorporates many innovative user features and specialized medical technologies previously unavailable in the island country or across Asia. TYLI’s Singapore office, T.Y. Lin International Pte. Ltd., was responsible for all Civil and Structural (C&S) design services for the fast-track project, which was completed in just 24 months.

“By combining the concepts of robust engineering with sustainable solutions, T.Y. Lin International created a first-of-its-kind hospital building,” said Dr. Tan Guan, TYLI Singapore’s Director of Building Structures and the Qualified Person for the MNH development. “The grand opening of this landmark hospital launches a new era in private healthcare for Singapore.”

As one of the latest additions to TYLI’s legacy in the healthcare sector, MNH sets a new benchmark in the design of specialized healthcare buildings, with modern facilities that include more than 250 physician suites, 333 patient beds, ergonomic parking spaces, outpatient specialty centers, and aerial gardens. Key to the design of the hospital was the provision for future upgrades in order to promote sustainability regarding medical technology advancements and the implementation of new equipment. MNH’s cutting-edge medical technology includes the first hybrid operating theater for a private hospital in Singapore and the first biograph molecular magnetic resonance imaging system in Asia. In addition, environmentally-friendly elements were incorporated into the building design, such as the use of integrated photovoltaic green technology, an innovative air-handling system, noise-reducing materials, optimal lighting systems to enhance energy savings, and a paperless electronic medical record system.

In 2013, TYLI was honored with a Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Award from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore for the MNH project. The award was presented for the adoption of highly-efficient engineering approaches to meet architectural and functional requirements, while enhancing productivity, site safety, and quality. Due to MNH’s undulating site terrain and geological contours, which posed significant challenges to the foundation and basement designs of the hospital, TYLI oversaw extensive geotechnical analysis in order to map out rock contours. A top-down construction method was also adopted to deliver the project on time, with no compromise in quality or safety.

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