TYLin, Introba, Dar partner to build Bridges to Prosperity

TYLin, Introba, Dar partner to build Bridges to Prosperity

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B2P 2024 Muregeya River

Expanding on our work with Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) in 2023, we are returning to Rwanda to build another bridge for a community in need. This year, global alliance partners from Introba and Dar have partnered with us to form a 10-person team to build the Muregeya Trail Bridge in Karongi.

About the team

The volunteer team was selected from over 100 applicants, eager for the opportunity to contribute to the community in such a meaningful way. After a careful and thoughtful evaluation process, 10 outstanding volunteers were selected for the project. Click to meet our incredible team!

They will be spending two weeks on-site to finish the construction. They will be living and working with local community members to bring this bridge to its inauguration.

About the project

The Muregeya Trail Bridge will span the Muregeya River. It will serve a population of over 2,500 people by providing safe, year-round access to various important facilities, including schools, markets, and healthcare services located on the other side of the river.

For most residents, the Muregeya River is synonymous with missed opportunity. Prone to flooding during the monsoon season, crossing the river for critical resources poses great danger. Every year, most children are unable to attend school, business owners have their work disrupted waiting for water levels to recede, and healthcare facilities are inaccessible.

About the experience

Bridges to Prosperity helps to bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity, by unlocking opportunity. Their projects strive to eliminate poverty caused by rural isolation and connect communities to facilities that make their lives better.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing interviews with volunteers, community members, and residents. These stories will provide a glimpse of life in Rwanda and how this build will make a positive impact. We hope you follow along to encourage and cheer on our volunteers as they embark on this exciting journey.