Pumarejo Bridge

Pumarejo Bridge

Barranquilla, Pumarejo

TYLin provided detailed design and construction engineering services for the Pumarejo Bridge in Barranquilla, Colombia.

The cable-stayed Pumarejo Bridge is constructed of prestressed concrete and measures 2173 meters long, including the approach spans. Its 380-meter-long main span makes it the longest bridge span in Colombia and one of the longest of its kind in the world. The bridge’s 38.10-meter-wide deck also makes it one of the widest bridges in the world, using prestressed concreted box girders with central stays.  

The bridge deck and 16-meter-wide central concrete box girder were cast in place. Deck construction used the balanced cantilever method, with the lateral deck flanges cast afterward using an overhead cantilever formwork traveler. An overhead movable scaffolding system (MSS) was used for the central box girder section and approach bridge.  

The typical span length for the approach bridge was 70 meters. The lateral flanges needed to complete the 38.1-meter deck width in the approach spans were also cast in place using an overhead cantilever formwork carriage. 

Project Highlights:

  • Weighing 600 tons each, the cast deck segments are 10 meters long, the maximum length using this construction method.  

  • Span lengths for the cable-stayed bridge are 800 m 70+140+380+140+70 m. 

  • Supporting a single set of stay cables, the main towers are 132 meters high, the second highest in Colombia. 

  •  The bridge is fixed at both towers, and the only expansion joints are located at both ends. 

  • The project was completed by IDEAM, S.A., now doing business as TYLin.