Kargi Hydropower Project

Kargi Hydropower Project


TYLin led the detailed design of the Kargi project's tunnel boring machine (TBM) dismantling cavern, showcasing our commitment to excellence in overcoming complex engineering challenges for sustainable energy development in Turkey.

The Kargi project, on the Kizilirmak River basin, was conceptualized and executed by the Electricity Projects Research Administration (EİE) General Directorate. This pioneering initiative harnesses the energy potential within the Kizilirmak section between Osmancik town and the Boyabat reservoir. The project's focal point is an 11.7-kilometer-long headrace tunnel, meticulously excavated in challenging medium- to poor-quality rock masses of the Kunduz metamorphic formation and Kirabaşi complex. 

This extensive tunnel, excavated with a Double Shield TBM, features a rectangular-trapezoidal segmental lining with an internal diameter of 8.7 meters and segments measuring 40 centimeters in thickness. Overcoming spatial and access limitations, the TBM was launched from a temporary adit and extracted at a 15-meter x 16-meter square cavern, covering an area of approximately 130 square meters.