18 Robinson

18 Robinson

18 Robinson

TYLin served as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) consultant for the 18 Robinson building located in the heart of Singapore’s business district.

The 28-story 18 Robinson building features a sleek and unique architectural structure. The integrated building consists of seven stories of commercial space and 18 stories of high-ceiling office space, separated by open-air gardens between the sixth and eighth floors. It is the first building to provide a fully automated basement car parking system in Singapore and Southeast Asia. 

TYLin was charged with designing the MEP systems for better water and energy efficiency. Project challenges included conceptualizing these systems while architects and structural engineers were still designing the main building structure.  

By quickly adapting the modeling and analysis of the proposed systems to simulate the most suitable and efficient arrangement, TYLin was able to achieve the owner’s desired objectives. 

18 Robinson was awarded Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark GoldPlus Certification. 

Project Highlight:

The MEP systems of 18 Robinson achieved the following energy-efficiency savings: 

  • 38% estimated energy saving to chiller plants 
  • 40% estimated energy saving to lighting  
  • 54% estimated savings for potable water  
  • Total energy and potable water savings per year: SGD 493K (USD 370K) with an estimated payback time of 6.18 years. 


18 Robinson
18 Robinson