Community Involvement

Building bridges in our community and beyond

Building bridges in our community and beyond

Getting involved

Our impact on the built environment begins with the connections we make with the people who benefit from our projects. We believe that everyone at TYLin has something to contribute, something to give back, as an act of kindness for our fellow global citizens, and as a show of gratitude for the opportunities our local communities bring.

We organize “weed wrangles” to make our parks safer and more enjoyable.

We get our hands dirty to help clean shared environments and ecosystems, such as community gardens and shoreline restoration efforts.

We participate in industry events like Canstruction, combining our thirst for design with our desire to combat hunger.

We also help raise funds for numerous community organizations that aim to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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Building a sense of purpose and community takes time and care. At TYLin, a fulfilling career can be more than great project work, and your opportunity is here. Join the hundreds of people who have chosen to make a difference in people’s lives.