South Florida Water Management District

South Florida Water Management District

State of Florida
United States
South Florida Water Management District

TYLin was selected for a multi‑year, multi-task order contract to provide engineering, construction management, and environmental permitting services to the South Florida Water Management District.

TYLin was responsible for construction management services, including scheduling and cost control analysis, and environmental services for various areas of the District’s stormwater and environmental project areas.  

There were no cost overruns, claims, or delays to the schedule for the duration of the contract. 

Project Highlights: 

Sample tasks included: 

Storm Treatment Area 6 Flow-Way 2 

Delivered under the Acceler8 program for Everglades Restoration, this task constructed close to 1,440 acres of effective Storm Treatment Area (STA) on land bound by the Rotenberger Wildlife Reserve to the east, the L-3 canal to the west, STA 6 Flow-Way 1 to the south, and the Compartment C Built-out Additional Treatment Area to the north.  

The project involved 7.5 miles of levees, backfill and grading of approximately 9 miles of framing ditches and berms, 11 concrete control structures, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and telemetry for eight control structures, and one reinforced concrete bridge. 

Pump Station G-508 

This task constructed a pump station with a capacity of 1,630 cubic feet per second (cfs) with a redundant 470 cfs pump. The pump station is part of the Storm Treatment Area 5 and 6 and incorporated in the Compartment C Built-out. This facility accepts stormwater from Canals L-2 and L-3, discharging into the STAs prior to final discharge into Water Conservation Area (WCA) 3A.  

The project also involved a 25,942-square-foot reinforced concrete building, nine pumps, a 1,650-foot-long concrete bridge, two 1,000-kilovolt (kV) emergency generators, two 25,000-gallon diesel fuel tanks, a 190-foot-tall microwave tower with control building, 150,000 square feet of riprap, and 600 feet of canal excavation. 

Lake Trafford Dredging Phase I and II  

TYLin provided construction management services for the dredging of Lake Trafford, which removed approximately 800,000 cubic yards of loose sediment from the bottom of near-shore areas around the lake.  

Scope of work included preparing daily reports summarizing the contractor’s field and dredging activities, providing photo documentation, and attending biweekly status meetings.