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Wastewater systems keep the environment clean so communities can thrive.

Combining state-of-the-art technologies with proven principles, TYLin provides the full range of wastewater collection, pumping, conveyance, treatment, reclamation and reuse, and return to the environment for municipal and private agencies, industrial industries, and developers.

Drawn from our global technical expertise, we develop innovative solutions that are sustainable, resilient, and recover resources for beneficial reuse. We apply advanced solutions to upgrade aging infrastructure, address evolving regulatory requirements, and implement long-lasting solutions for biosolids and solids handling, management of nutrients and emerging contaminants, and the renewal and recovery of energy to help advance Utilities of the Future.

No matter the challenge, our wastewater experts help communities protect their well-being and the environment.

Wastewater Leadership

michael hope
Michael Hope, PE, CME


We provide a full array of economically and technically sound services that ensure wastewater systems are sustainable, resilient, and serve short-term needs while addressing long-term conditions.

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