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Integrated Mobility

As transportation technologies advance, the way we think about and plan our infrastructure must evolve. Interconnected webs of active transport along complete streets and transit-oriented communities depend on integrated mobility to get people and goods moving in the right direction.

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Comprehensive/Corridor Improvements

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With a goal of creating safer and more livable environments, we offer master planning, corridor design and engineering, systems engineering, and project and construction management. We blend complex strategies with practical, community-focused solutions to create comprehensive transportation corridors that meet the needs of today’s communities, safely and efficiently. See project examples below ↴

Active Transportation

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Active transportation is a new way of life. Whether the motivation is good health, economics, efficiency, or the environment, we have the vision and experience to plan, design, and engineer communities that are better connected, more accessible, and safer for all travelers. See project examples below ↴

Public Transportation

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We strive to advance transit-oriented communities by providing emerging, innovative, and sustainable transit solutions. We’ve been a long-standing partner to public transit, providing complete planning, design, and project and construction management services across all transit needs including electrification, network redesigns, systems integration, and designing and building new infrastructure. See project examples below ↴

Shared Transport

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Municipal leaders depend on our knowledge to help their communities with the planning, design, project and construction management, and technology integration to enable a more frictionless experience. Whether it is bike, ride, or car sharing, ride-sourcing, or any of the other evolving options, we understand the current trends and the possibilities on the horizon. See project examples below ↴

Vision Zero/Safe Systems

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Safety strategies must address the way people move in an environment. Our safety specialists implement technology focused on real-time monitoring and management of transportation networks. We design urban improvements, pedestrian and bicycle amenities, and Complete Streets that support the Vision Zero ideals. See project examples below ↴

Congestion Management/Tolling

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Congestion is a perennial issue for cities around the world. We combine industry-transforming concepts with data-driven analysis for the management of congestion in critical areas. We plan, design, and construct intelligent transportation systems, dynamic parking, congestion pricing, curbside management, and an array of transportation demand management strategies. See project examples below ↴

Advanced Mobility

Our focus is creating connected environments. The infrastructure and systems that are advancing mobility include everything from new modes of transportation, the fuel sources that power them, and the software that connects them to a larger, faster, smarter network. Learn more about how our team is developing sustainable, equitable, and affordable solutions.

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Autonomous/Connected Vehicles

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Connected and autonomous vehicles, drone delivery, and automated freight delivery are among the emerging technologies that will one day be an everyday reality. We merge new technologies with traditional infrastructure to benefit the communities we serve with the latest developments and improved safety, efficiency, and quality of life. See project examples below ↴

VTOL/Aerial Technology

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Moving people and goods through the air will have impacts on the ground. We design the infrastructure and command and control technologies to allow vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) to integrate and operate in a region. We incorporate our extensive experience of commercial aviation along with our transit and urban planning, design, engineering, and project and construction management capabilities. See project examples below ↴

Zero Emissions

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Our clients across the globe are challenged to improve and safeguard the environment. To reduce emission, we provide planning, design, engineering, and project and construction management for solutions including fleet modernization, Zero Emissions/Net Zero, charging stations/electrification, and alternative fuel options. See project examples below ↴

NextGen Hi-Speed Transport

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High-speed solutions will take us to the next generation of transportation, and we are at the forefront of planning, designing, and engineering to bring this vision to reality. See project examples below ↴

Advanced Parking Technology

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As urban areas struggle with inadequate parking, solutions focus on technology. Whether it is sensors to monitor space availability, apps to reserve a space, or a completely automated parking structure with robotic valets transferring vehicles to efficient storage, we plan, design, and implement the latest advances to make parking efficient, easier, and available. See project examples below ↴

Technology + Innovation

Big data should drive big decisions. Technology and innovation will have a profound effect on the planning and implementation of mobility solutions for cities, states, or provinces – get ahead of the curve! The investment in future-ready mobility solutions will pay dividends.

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Smart Cities

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We plan, design, and engineer solutions that have the potential to transform how we deliver health care, public safety, social services, public utilities, sustainability, personal and commercial transportation, to create an integrated and smarter world. See project examples below ↴

Transportation Master Planning

Transportation Master Planning2

Our experts develop transportation master plans that meet the present and future needs of the community and all users. We prioritize a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive transportation network while advising on immediate and long-term investment. See project examples below ↴

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation2

We bring a deep understanding of systems engineering and how technology contributes to transformational opportunities and assist with adapting these technologies to the needs of our clients to radically change and improve their operations. See project examples below ↴


data as utility

Clients rarely have the comprehensive figures, statistics, and analyses available to efficiently improve transportation modes. We are continually leveraging real-time big data sets and advanced technology to analyze system operations and effectiveness. By tracking, forecasting, and simulating, our experts enhance service, maximize efficiency, and improve the user’s everyday experience. See project examples below ↴


Mobility as a service2

We believe MaaS has the potential to enhance sustainable and equitable transportation options. We plan, design, and engineer the infrastructure and systems for MaaS to thrive. See project examples below ↴

Healthy, Equitable Communities

We believe all communities can be healthy and equitable. We bring a wealth of international experience focused on creating more livable cities, where there is equitable and sustainable design, mobility options, climate change solutions, and resiliency. 

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Equal mobility and transportation options help eliminate social and economic inequality in urban environments. Providing access to the same opportunities, goods, services, labor markets, housing, healthcare, and education is a vital step toward social equity and livability. As planners, engineers, and designers, we are committed to delivering equitable solutions. See project examples below ↴

Climate Action


There is no question that our climate is changing, and cars are a key contributor to CO2 emissions. Metropolitan areas need innovative options to enhance urban life and reduce pollution. We are dedicated to achieving healthy communities by developing clean transportation options and expanding sustainable transportation infrastructure. See project examples below ↴


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We are intent upon creating a comprehensive built environment for future generations. We deliver smart, resilient solutions that address the challenges of the day while anticipating the needs of the future, including 15-minute cities, carbon footprint reduction, and alternative fuels conversion. It is our privilege to solve client challenges while protecting the world we share. See project examples below ↴



Our clients must plan for both expected and unexpected challenges in a swift changing world. We deliver expert advice and solutions so they can operate better under today’s conditions and prepare for tomorrow’s shocks and stresses. See project examples below ↴


Transformative innovation for more equitable, efficient, and resilient mobility.

Building on our expertise in transportation, our mobility practice is focused on emerging, innovative, and sustainable solutions for moving people and goods.

Connecting mobility innovation and delivery. 

Our communities face a generational shift in mobility use, technology, and infrastructure. TYLin delivers leading-edge thinking and real-world implementation across all aspects of physical and digital mobility networks. This intersection of innovation and delivery creates a vital feedback loop, providing authentic insights and actionable data. Our teams can then develop smarter cities with more connected solutions for the mobility challenges they face.

Social equity and livability in urban environments are predicated on access. From city strategies, to vision zero, to emerging mobility, our planners and engineers are thought leaders with a passion for enhancing the places we live, work, and play.

Megan Huff
Megan Huff, PfMP

With more than 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, Megan has an extensive track record in end-to-end delivery of complex, high-priority operational technology projects on tight schedules within mission-critical service organizations.  She is a transformative transportation leader specializing in enabling business process change through technology by defining an executable strategy married with technical program delivery, communication, and training. Megan has a consistent history of delivering value to the bottom line through process improvements and technology modernization.

Meet our team

Our multidisciplinary team combines the expertise of people from our global alliance of brands to bring you the best possible solutions.

  • Ryan Abbotts

    Ryan Abbotts, AICP

    Sector Manager, Rail + Transit and Roads + Highways | TYLin

  • Rich Barone

    Rich Barone

    Associate, Global Aviation Planning & Development | Landrum & Brown

  • Adam Bell

    Adam Bell

    Director of Transportation Mobility Planning | TYLin

  • soumya dey

    Soumya Dey

    National Practice Leader – ITS | Sam Schwartz

  • Thomas Errico, PE

    Tom Errico, PE

    New England Traffic Engineering Director | TYLin

  • Lian Farhi

    Lian Farhi

    Senior Associate, Director of Planning + Urban Design | Sam Schwartz

  • Michael Flynn

    Mike Flynn, AICP

    National Director, Transportation Planning | Sam Schwartz

  • joe iacobucci

    Joe Iacobucci

    Senior Principal, New Mobility Practice Leader | Sam Schwartz

  • Vikas Jain

    Vikas Jain, AICP, GISP

    Sector Manager, Rail + Transit | TYLin

  • kashfi kalam

    Kashfi Kalam, NCARB

    Facility Design Manager | TYLin

  • Jason McFarland

    Jason McFarland

    Senior Engineer | TYLin

  • stacey meekins

    Stacey Meekins

    National Practice Leader – Complete Streets | Sam Schwartz

  • Chris_Milner

    Chris Milner, PE, PTOE, RSP1

    Principal Project Manager | TYLin

  • Brent Molendyk

    Brent Molendyk, PE

    Principal Electrical Engineer | TYLin

  • ed molloy

    Ed Molloy, PMP

    Principal, Rail + Transit | TYLin

  • Chris Runde

    Chris Runde

    Director of Corporate Strategy & Innovation | Introba

  • Kate Sargent

    Kate Sargent

    Principal, National Practice Leader Electrification | Sam Schwartz

  • amit sidhaye

    Amit Sidhaye, PTOE, PMP

    ITS Director | TYLin

  • Jeff Smithline

    Jeff Smithline, PE, PTOE

    National Director, Traffic Engineering | Sam Schwartz

  • Ryan Wozniak

    Ryan Wozniak, AICP

    Senior Transportation Planner | TYLin

Our guiding principles

Lakeview Village


In our quest to connect people, places, and ideas, we are intent upon creating a built environment that serves future generations. We deliver smart, resilient mobility options that address the challenges of the day while anticipating the needs of the future. It is our privilege to solve our clients’ greatest challenges while protecting the world we share.

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As global leaders, we are dedicated to creating practical, forward-thinking mobility solutions for our clients. Our experts leverage the latest technological advances with transportation operations data, real-world implementation experience, and visionary thinking to create new and better ways to address our clients’ needs.



Equal mobility and transportation options help eliminate social and economic inequality in urban environments. We understand providing access to the same opportunities, goods and services, labor markets, media, justice, housing, healthcare, and education is a vital step toward social equity and livability. As planners, engineers, and designers, we are committed and seek the opportunity to deliver equitable infrastructure design.

In collaboration with our fellow industry leaders, we deliver comprehensive mobility solutions.

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