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Bridges are our legacy; connecting people is our goal.

Building on the vision of our founder, Professor T.Y. Lin, we design and build bridges that help communities connect and prosper. Bridges that allow the safe movement of people and goods. Iconic structures that define a city. And, with an eye to the future, bridges that will stand the test of time for generations. 

Guided by a laser-like focus on technical excellence, innovation, and collaboration, our global thought leaders design and build signature, conventional, and pedestrian bridges that connect communities. It’s why we are consistently recognized as one of the world's leading bridge design and engineering firms.

Bridge Leadership

Marwan Nader
Marwan Nader, PhD, PE
Bridge Sector Leader, Americas, Senior Vice President
Sajid Abbas
Sajid Abbas, PhD, PE
Bridge Sector Leader, Americas, Senior Vice President


TYLin’s legacy is firmly rooted in the design of bridges and the engineering excellence and creativity we deliver. Offering a scope of services that span a structure’s entire life cycle, TYLin offers a complete suite of services for all bridge types to meet your needs today — and tomorrow. 

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