Desert Breeze Water Resource Center

Desert Breeze Water Resource Center

United States
Desert Breeze Water Resource Center

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, provided design and construction phase services for the water reuse facility that serves southwestern Las Vegas.

The Desert Breeze Water Resource Center (DBWRC) combines sophisticated technologies with proven techniques to reclaim water for irrigation, saving potable water to serve residents living in Nevada’s arid southwestern Las Vegas Valley. Wastewater is treated at the facility to meet the highest water quality standards for irrigation and occasional body contact and is then distributed to nearby golf courses and parks for turf irrigation. The Clark County Water Reclamation District operates the reclamation facility, and the Las Vegas Valley Water District operates the distribution system facilities. 

The DBWRC incorporates engineering designs that minimize operation and maintenance requirements while delivering high-quality reclaimed water to users at a cost that is competitive with potable water. Additionally, this facility was designed to be compatible with neighboring commercial, residential, and recreational areas. The low-profile design of structures and emphasis on aesthetics and landscaping, along with an advanced odor control system, help this facility to blend inconspicuously with its surroundings. 

Project Highlights: 

  • The advanced process controls system allows reliable unstaffed operation. 

  • Facility utilizes ultraviolet disinfection of effluent to achieve high water quality standards. 

  • Biofilter odor control systems eliminate stacks and point source pollution. 

  • Reclaimed water is blended with supplemental potable water in ponds at point of use. 

Desert Breeze Water Resource Center