Water Sectors

Water Sectors

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Monroe County East Side
Accelerated Water Main Replacements and Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacements
Drinking Water

Water is the lifeblood of communities around the globe. It’s an essential need for all communities that want to grow and prosper — from major metropolitan areas to rural villages. Working with public and private clients, we deliver durable drinking water systems that are dependable, energy-efficient, and sustainable. We also meet clients’ needs today with solutions that are scalable to address a community’s future needs. 

Basement Flooding
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Woodside Ave Flood Control

Whether the challenge is updating or designing pumping stations, conveyance and collection systems, or treatment and storage facilities, TYLin’s full scope of wastewater resources helps communities protect their well-being and the environment.

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Water Resources

When it comes to managing water resources, communities today face a dual challenge: meeting their citizens’ needs for a reliable supply of high-quality water while protecting the environment. TYLin’s water management teams work closely with our environmental experts to design systems that fully address social, ecological, and technical issues and requirements.