Advancing mobility

Advancing mobility

Transformative innovation for more equitable, efficient, and resilient mobility.

Building on our expertise in transportation, our mobility practice is focused on emerging, innovative, and sustainable solutions for moving people and goods.

Connecting mobility innovation and delivery. 

Our communities face a generational shift in mobility use, technology, and infrastructure. TYLin delivers leading-edge thinking and real-world implementation across all aspects of physical and digital mobility networks. This intersection of innovation and delivery creates a vital feedback loop, providing authentic insights and actionable data. Our teams can then develop smarter cities with more connected solutions for the mobility challenges they face.

Social equity and livability in urban environments are predicated on access. From city strategies, to vision zero, to emerging mobility, our planners and engineers are thought leaders with a passion for enhancing the places we live, work, and play.

In collaboration with our fellow industry leaders, we deliver comprehensive mobility solutions.

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    In our quest to connect people, places, and ideas, we are intent upon creating a built environment that serves future generations. We deliver smart, resilient mobility options that address the challenges of the day while anticipating the needs of the future. It is our privilege to solve our clients’ greatest challenges while protecting the world we share.

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    As global leaders, we are dedicated to creating practical, forward-thinking mobility solutions for our clients. Our experts leverage the latest technological advances with transportation operations data, real-world implementation experience, and visionary thinking to create new and better ways to address our clients’ needs.

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    Equal mobility and transportation options help eliminate social and economic inequality in urban environments. We understand providing access to the same opportunities, goods and services, labor markets, media, justice, housing, healthcare, and education is a vital step toward social equity and livability. As planners, engineers, and designers, we are committed and seek the opportunity to deliver equitable infrastructure design.

Greater than the sum of our parts

Our collective project experience demonstrates our ability to plan, design and build bespoke mobility solutions for our clients. Below are just a few examples of how we approach each challenge, and why we came together to advance mobility for all.

Urban Mobility

Today’s transportation options are abundant. The available choices, both public and private, can be overwhelming. Combining the many different modes to create a seamless travel experience poses a challenge, especially with payment integration, legal framework, data collection, and information sharing between providers.

With experience in the latest trends and expertise in all types of transportation offerings, we blend complex strategies with practical, community-focused solutions. Our approaches embrace the latest data to ensure cities and regions can accommodate, manage, and benefit from the changing mobility landscape while delivering equitable transportation options.

Congestion Management

Congestion is a perennial issue for cities around the world, and one that is rapidly worsening with an associated climate and economic cost. Metropolitan areas need innovative options to enhance urban life.

We combine industry-transforming concepts with data-driven analysis and implement them with sensitivity to manage congestion in critical areas. The results are dynamic redesign concepts and behavioral modifications that consider all modes and users. Integrated traveler information, dynamic parking, congestion pricing, curbside management, and an array of transportation demand management strategies are a few of our latest implementations.

Connected / Autonomous Vehicles

Emerging technologies like electric mobility, connected and autonomous vehicles, and mobility-on-demand will one day be an everyday reality. The horizon is exciting and offers the potential to significantly improve safety, efficiency, and quality of life.

We are preparing today for this future certainty while continuing to work across all modes. Safety is always our highest priority. We embrace both new technologies and traditional infrastructure to enable all communities to benefit from the latest developments. When adapting autonomous and connected transportation for a range of uses, from personal vehicles to mass transit to freight delivery, safety and efficiency are at the forefront of our planning and design.

Customer Experience

In today’s competitive market, both agencies and the public understand the value of an efficient, enjoyable customer experience. Building ridership and creating positive associations are essential to the long-term viability of a transit or mobility system—attention to detail along all points of a customer’s journey matters. Providing the same opportunity for all users to traverse a system in a reliable and sustainable manner is also vital.

In an age of urban growth with continually expanding modes of mobility, we are committed to delivering a high-quality transportation experience to ensure mass transit remains a competitive option for travel. The customer experience is a focal point for our team. We recognize the public-facing role of mobility infrastructure is evolving, and we are committed to servicing the customers who use them.

Digital Transformation

Technology is continually evolving and at a faster pace than ever before. While our clients recognize the benefit of using the latest advances to generate improvements to traditional transportation modes, they rarely have the comprehensive figures, statistics, and analyses available to incorporate them efficiently.

​​​On project after project, our experts are using advanced technology to enhance service, maximize efficiency, and improve the customer experience. We are continually leveraging big data sets to analyze transportation system operations and effectiveness—and the user’s everyday experience—in ways that were not previously possible. Our clients reap the benefit of the work we do every day.

Energy Transitions

There is no question that our climate is changing, and transit has been a key contributor to CO2 emissions. Our clients across the globe are challenged to improve and safeguard the environment.

Every day, we assist with the planning and implementation of fleet transition strategies to pair with alternative fuel options to reduce emissions. Fleet modernization, Zero Emissions/Net Zero, charging stations/electrification, and alternative fuel options are just a few of the most-recent solutions we look to when helping our clients.


Clients recognize that to ensure long-term success in a swift changing world they must plan for resilience and ensure their capacity to respond and adapt to challenges, both expected and unexpected.

We support our clients’ efforts by offering expertise in a wide range of resilience frameworks and targeted studies to deliver expert advice on how they can operate better under today’s conditions and prepare for tomorrow’s shocks and stresses.


Clients are adopting a new strategy for safety. The principle of Vision Zero is to eliminate all fatalities and serious injuries from traffic crashes. Our clients seek partners who strive to champion safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all.

Our safety specialists have an impressive record of reducing crashes and creating safe travel for everyone. We implement technology that focuses on real-time monitoring and management of our transportation network. We design urban improvements, pedestrian amenities, and Complete Streets that support the Vision Zero ideals.

Meet our experts

Megan Huff
Megan Huff, PfMP
Mobility Practice Leader, TYLin

With more than 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, Megan has an extensive track record in end-to-end delivery of complex, high-priority operational technology projects on tight schedules within mission-critical service organizations.  She is a transformative transportation leader specializing in enabling business process change through technology by defining an executable strategy married with technical program delivery, communication, and training. Megan has a consistent history of delivering value to the bottom line through process improvements and technology modernization.

Andreu Pujol Teixidor, PE
Andreu Pujol Teixidor, PE
Business Development Director, GPO

Andreu is a MSc in Civil Engineering with more than 20 years of experience in civil engineering consultancy services. He’s been working in Business Development for the last 12 years, first as International Business Development and since 2015 as Business Development Director, where he generates new business opportunities, international market research, and local and international partner search. He provides expertise in selling engineering consultancy (B2B) and construction management services.

Joan Verbon
Joan Verbon, EMBA
Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer, Sam Schwartz

In his career Joan has led numerous planning and design projects using multiple mobility modes, working for private and public clients in Europe and North America. In his current position Joan leads a team of passionate and innovative professionals in the planning and engineering industry whose main goal is providing efficient, equitable, and sustainable mobility options.

Maroun Ghanem
Maroun Ghanem, MBA, PMP, PSM I
Business Development Director - Mobility Systems, TYLin

Maroun is a PMP and Scrum certified Director of Product Management professional with 20+ years of experience in leading complex domestic and international product development efforts within various fields including information technology, transportation, communications, cybersecurity, and other leading-edge technologies.

Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson, P.Eng, LEED AP
Director – Mobility Systems, Introba

Jason serves as the Director of Mobility Systems for Introba. A professional engineer, he focuses on low carbon and net zero solutions for transportation systems and buildings. Working alongside groups of specialists, he focuses on the delivery of distinct, low-impact engineering design solutions that focus on implementable sustainable concepts that are turned into real-world functional solutions.

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