3-Deck Great Istanbul – Bosphorus Tunnel

3-Deck Great Istanbul – Bosphorus Tunnel

3-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel, Turkey

TYLin was integral in the feasibility studies and design preparation for the 3-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 3-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel is one of the world’s most important civil engineering projects. The tunnel will be 6.5 kilometers in length and 18.80 meters in diameter. It will consist of three levels: two for roadway traffic and one for metro lines. Undertaken by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications of the Turkish government), the tunnel will improve Istanbul's busy traffic and enable faster transportation between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. The tunnel will pass below Bosphorus Strait at 80 meters in depth, crossing limestone rock and marine sediments. It will serve 1.3 million passengers per day. 
TYLin participated in all the aspects of feasibility studies, alignment alternatives, and preparation of basic design and specifications for tendering. 

3-Deck Great Istanbul Tunnel