Centerville Loop 3 Water Main

Centerville Loop 3 Water Main

Chesapeake, Virginia
United States
Centerville Loop 3 Water Main 2

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, designed a new water main to complete a loop in the City of Chesapeake’s water system.

The City’s major commercial district, the Greenbrier area, is located north of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, which separates the City’s two treated water sources. The purpose of this project is to provide treated water supply redundancy to the Greenbrier area by constructing a new water line under the waterway and along the existing heavily travelled two lane arterial, Centerville Turnpike. The 8,000 foot water line will connect to existing water mains on the north and south sides of the waterway. 

The project was broken into two phases during design to take advantage of the sudden roadway closure of Centerville Turnpike Bridge. The design of this phase was expedited and the City was able to take advantage of the roadway closure without causing further, future disruption to the community. Phase 2 of the design included coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers to gain approval for a 20-inch Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) crossing of the Intercoastal Waterway.  

The trench installed portion of the water line was a 16-inch ductile iron pipe with corrosion protection. Because of corrosive soils the pipe is protected using zinc coated pipe, V-biowrap, pipe joint bonding, and test stations. The subaqueous crossing under the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway was installed using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The 1,300 foot HDD portion of the water main is a nominal 20-inch HDPE pipe to maintain internal diameter. 

Project Highlights: 

  • Complex management of traffic plan for road closures 
  • Trenchless construction methods 
  • Testing and disinfection of long water mains 
  • Design and construction timed to coordinate with te Centerville Turnpike swing bridge repair 
  • New water line designed to minimize environmental impacts of wetlands on both sides of the waterway