Commuter Network in the Nairobi Metropolitan Region

Commuter Network in the Nairobi Metropolitan Region

Commuter Network in the Nairobi Metropolitan Region

Kenya Railways awarded Dar Group, parent company of TYLin, with the development of the Commuter Rail Master Plan for the Nairobi Metropolitan Region.

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya and a major transit point in the East African region. Nearly 85% of Nairobi’s population do not own automobiles and commute by public transportation. The Nairobi Commuter Rail Service project aims at providing passengers with safe, reliable, and affordable transport services in and around the City of Nairobi.

The project will modernize and expand the under-utilized railway transport infrastructure facilities within Nairobi to attract passenger traffic from the roads which will reduce congestion. The city will benefit from an efficient and affordable mass rapid transit transport system. It will integrate rail transport with other modes of transport, such as road and air transport.

Project Highlights:

  • Redevelopment of the Nairobi Commuter Rail to become the backbone of the public transportation for the Nairobi Metropolitan Region.
  • The new commuter system will have the capacity for 60 million passengers a year, compared to the current 5 million passengers.
  • It will provide modern stations, a renovated rolling stock fleet, and upgraded tracks and signaling systems.
  • Trains will have higher speed, safety, comfort, and reliability.
  • New stations such as Pipeline, Umoja, Githurai, and Donholm will be constructed.