Dubai Airport UTM System

Dubai Airport UTM System

United Arab Emirates
Dubai Advanced Air Mobility

TYLin is the Project Manager and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the evaluation of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Management (UTM) technology and infrastructure for the government of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) is Dubai’s lead engineering organization for the master planning, design, infrastructure development, and construction of the city’s dynamic aviation facilities. DAEP is responsible for Dubai International Airport (DXB), host to the most international passenger traffic in the world, and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) at Dubai World Central.

DAEP and Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) management have been working closely to examine the feasibility of utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/drones) at Dubai’s airports. TYLin is evaluating the UTM technology capability and required infrastructure. This project supports DAEP’s goal to remain at the forefront of aviation innovation.

Working with the assistance of Dar Group, our parent company, TYLin is provided technical leadership and expertise in the business process, technology review, and development of preliminary and detailed technical specifications. Our experts are providing technical support to review the existing concept of operations for the UTM technology and infrastructure. TYLin will identify high-level software and hardware requirements that will allow DANS to provide continuous Air Traffic Management System (ATM) services while ensuring safe, efficient, and secure access to airspace for UAV/drones.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLin conducted a detailed analysis of relevant stakeholder roles and responsibilities. 
  • Our team recommended a governance model to provide guidance on UTM functionality and identify crucial requirements.  
  • Technical document reviews encompassed materials from DANS and the UAE, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration, International Civil Aviation Organization, and European Union Aviation Safety Agency. 
  • Preliminary technical specifications address the business needs of UTM and support the ongoing UTM process.  
  • Detailed UTM specifications will be developed that integrate various UTM systems, including ATM.


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