Egongyan Rail Transit Bridge

Egongyan Rail Transit Bridge

Egongyan Yangtze River Bridge

TYLin, in a joint venture with SMEDI, provided complete design services for the Egongyan Rail Transit Bridge in Chongqing, China.

The 1,650-meter-long Egongyan Rail Transit Bridge crosses the Yangtze River and carries the Chongqing Rail Transit Loop line, bicyclists, and pedestrians. One of the most important components of the “Circular Line Transit System,” the bridge connects the Jiulongpo and Nan’an Districts and completes the Southern loop line, improving the city’s rail transit network and increasing user convenience. 

The transit bridge is located 70 meters upstream of the Egongyan Highway Bridge, with a clear distance of only 45 meters between the two structures. Therefore, both bridges have the same span arrangements to address navigational and hydraulic requirements. 

The Egongyan Rail Transit Bridge was designed as a self-anchored suspension span to avoid interference with the anchorages of the existing bridge. The 1,120-meter-long main bridge consists of three continuous spans (211 meters, 600-meter main span, and 211 meters), with two 160-meter-high concrete towers and a 530-meter-long approach. 

Project Highlights:

  • The Egongyan Rail Transit Bridge is one the longest self-anchored suspension spans in the world (600-meter main span).
  • Due to navigational requirements, the girders were cable-stayed first and then switched over to suspension systems to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow on the river.
  • The superstructure comprises 22-meter-wide, 3.5-meter-deep steel box girders at the three spans and concrete structures at the approaches.


Shanghai Engineering and Consulting Association, 2021
First Prize of Shanghai Excellent Engineering Design Awards