Elgin Mills Greenway

Elgin Mills Greenway

Richmond Hill, Ontario
elgin mills greenway

TYLin provided environmental studies, design, and project management services to repair significant erosion caused by discharge of uncontrolled storm runoff to a tributary of the East Don River in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

The material eroded from the channel accumulated in an online stormwater management (SWM) pond at the downstream end of the reach, compromising its performance. A unique SWM pond design was needed to minimize impacts to the mature vegetation surrounding the channel.  

Given the prominent location between a high school and community centre, an expanded public consultation program was also needed to secure public and agency support for the project. 

TYLin’s study scope included completion of a Schedule ‘B’ Class Environmental Assessment, including two Public Open Houses. Supporting studies included detailed hydrologic modelling, fluvial geomorphology assessments, and extensive ecological fieldwork.  

The project originated as two separate assignments for the channel erosion and SWM pond rehabilitation. It became clear that both would be best rehabilitated by constructing a new SWM pond at the upstream limit of the valley corridor where storm runoff discharges from two uncontrolled storm sewers.  

Project Highlights: 

  • The preferred solution was refined to avoid and enhance the significant vegetation in the valley corridor. 
  • The footprint of the new facility displaces the existing eroded channel and allows the downstream channel and pond to be safely rehabilitated back to their natural condition. 


Project of the Year (CAN 2 million to 10 million), Environmental category, 2019
Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA)