Florida East Coast Railway ICTF

Florida East Coast Railway ICTF

Port Everglades, Florida
United States
florida east coast ICTF

TYLin was the lead engineer for a shortlisted design-build team that prepared 30% construction drawings for the Florida East Coast Railway Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) at Port Everglades, Florida.

The complete site layout for the ICTF included 18,000 linear feet of working track with a quarter-mile double-track signalized connection to the FEC mainline track. The project was constrained to 42.5 acres and included close to 30 acres of pavement for trailer storage and container stacking. 

The facility was designed to accommodate trailer on flat car (TOFC) and container on flat car (COFC) operations with an ultimate capacity of 400,000 annual lifts. An alternative typical section was designed to accommodate future Rail-Mounted Gantry cranes. 

Project Highlights: 

  • TYLin designed all major project components for the 30% construction drawings, including typical sections, crane movement diagrams and maintenance area, preliminary drainage layout, utility relocations, yard air, ingress and egress roadways, automated equipment identification readers, and security fencing.  
  • The preliminary design also included domestic and international security gates with automated gate systems, an administration building, and a crane maintenance building.  
  • An operations simulation was prepared to demonstrate truck traffic flows, crane operations, and capacity analysis.