HAWK Signal Design at 59th Avenue and Evergreen Road

HAWK Signal Design at 59th Avenue and Evergreen Road

Glendale, Arizona
United States
HAWK Signal 59th

TYLin is designing the installation of a HAWK (High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk) Signal at 59th Avenue and Evergreen Road for the City of Glendale, Arizona.

HAWK signals are an innovative traffic safety measure designed to help pedestrians safely cross busy or higher-speed roadways while maintaining traffic. This project is part of the City of Glendale's ongoing efforts to make the city more pedestrian-friendly and reduce the number of pedestrian accidents. 

HAWKs are particularly helpful at midblock crossings and uncontrolled intersections, like the area of 59th Avenue and Evergreen Road. The HAWK signal differs from a traditional crosswalk signal in that it uses a beacon head over the roadway with two red lights over a single yellow light. The beacon remains "dark" until a pedestrian activates it.   

When a pedestrian wants to cross the road, they push a button to activate the signal. The beacon signal initially flashes yellow for a few seconds before turning solid yellow. Next, the beacon lights turn double-solid red. The yellow-to-red lighting sequence directs motorists to slow down and stop. The corresponding pedestrian symbol changes from DO NOT WALK to WALK. As the pedestrian crosses, the double red lights are illuminated. After a countdown, the pedestrian symbol switches back to Do Not Walk.  

For motorists, once the pedestrian has had time to cross, the red lights will toggle and flash before going dark. When the red lights are flashing, drivers can proceed with caution if all pedestrians have cleared their side of the travel lane, which reduces vehicle delay.  

The City of Glendale has installed multiple HAWK signals with positive feedback from pedestrians and drivers, who appreciate the increased safety and ease of use of the new signal.

Project Highlights:

  • The HAWK Signal looks and functions very similarly from a pedestrian perspective.  
  • HAWK Signals are a proven safety countermeasure for busy areas. 
  • The City of Glendale has instituted a robust public outreach effort to educate the community on HAWK Signals.