Hyde-Addison Elementary School

Hyde-Addison Elementary School

Washington, DC
United States
Hyde-Addison Elementary School

TYLin provided structural engineering services for renovation and expansion of Hyde-Addison Elementary School in Washington, DC.

This modern and colorful addition connects two historic school buildings and provides additional academic spaces and specialized areas. The new building, which also contains the new main entrance and a connection to the 1907 Hyde building, has a basement and two stories above grade with a landscaped area over the gym. Upstairs spaces include modern classrooms and an art center. The second-story connection from the new addition to the existing north entrance of the Hyde building spans a vehicle lane. This lane provides access to parking and a mid-block crossing for cars. Our engineers chose to support the connector on two columns near the north face of Hyde and two columns under the center of the connector along the main span in order to keep this pass-through relatively column-free.

The addition has a steel superstructure with a concrete shear wall lateral system and below-grade concrete walls. The floors are concrete on composite deck. The below-grade gym structure consists of foundation walls spanning approximately 20 feet vertically with a roof structure spanning 70 feet supporting the playground area above. Columns are generally placed in architecturally ideal locations; the resulting lack of a regular column grid necessitated many column transfers throughout the building.

Project Highlights: 

  • The renovated Hyde-Addison School, Georgetown’s only public primary school facility, can now accommodate 25% more students.
  • This project is LEED Gold certified.
Hyde-Addison Elementary School
Design Award, Architecture, 2022

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