Jiayue Bridge

Jiayue Bridge

Jiayue Bridge

TYLin provided complete design and construction support services for the Jiayue Bridge over the Jialing River, a landmark signature bridge in Chongqing, China.

The owners, Chongqing Land Properties Group, required an aesthetic, cost-effective sdesign that complemented the rugged gorge at the project site. After a type selection study of six design alternatives, TYLin’s design for an extradosed bridge was selected.

With a total length of 774 meters and a deck width of 37 meters, the unique “Y-shaped” Jiayue Bridge carries six lanes of traffic on the upper deck and two pedestrian/bicycle paths beneath the roadway wing slab. Total deck area is 29,412 square meters.

The Jiayue Bridge was a critical element of the Chongqing Expressway Project, for which TYLin provided design services for roadways, interchange bridges, and tunnels.

Project Highlights: 

  • TYLin successfully provided a signature bridge design while addressing cost savings. 
  • A total of six spans are used to cross the deep gorge, with span lengths ranging from 66 meters to 250 meters.  
  • The foundation has 2.5-meter hand-dug caissons with pile cap depths of close to 5 meters.  
  • The cable system uses epoxy-filled seven-wire strands placed individually, with 11000 kN as the maximum force on a single cable. 
  • Since the box girder sits high above the water level, the contractor utilized the free cantilever method to construct the girder.  
  • The cables were installed and stressed shortly after girder construction, shortening the construction schedule to 29 months.


11th Annual Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, 2013
China Civil Engineering Society (CCES)
Bridge Award of Excellence, 2011
American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI)

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