LAX Runway 7R-25L Rehabilitation

LAX Runway 7R-25L Rehabilitation

Los Angeles, California
United States
LAX Runway 7R-25L Rehabilitation

TYLin led the design of the rehabilitation of Runway 7R-25L, the longest runway at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California.

The purpose of the project was to improve the pavement surface of the runway, which was exhibiting severe surface failure and fast deterioration.

TYLin’s design solutions included full replacement of failed pavement sections for the entire Runway 7R-25L and portions of Taxiway H, and a surface mill and fill with P-401 in the keel section of the runway only. A hybrid solution was developed to include only highly used keel sections and high-speed exits.

The project also replaced existing in-pavement centerline lights and edge lights and installed new pavement markings and taxiway centerline lights. Upgrades or modifications were also made to existing signage, the Navigational Aid System (NAVAIDs), the Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS), and the Sepulveda Tunnel Bridge located beneath the runway’s structural section.

Field construction on the project was completed on schedule.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLin’s alternative designs were developed after experts’ analysis of the pavement issues, extensive discussions with Los Angeles World Airports staff and stakeholders, and a cost-benefit analysis.  
  • Competitive bids for TYLin’s selected design alternative came in well below cost estimates. 
  • The project demonstrates TYLin’s expertise with airfield projects, including working on one of the busiest runways in the United States.