MIA Jet Fuel Storage Tanks

MIA Jet Fuel Storage Tanks

Miami, Florida
United States
MIA Jet Juel

TYLin was the design partner for the design-build delivery of three 95,600-barrel, 120-foot-diameter by 48-foot-high jet fuel storage tanks and a concrete containment dike at Miami International Airport (MIA) in Miami, Florida.

The tanks were designed to API 650 Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage Design. Special features included sloped floors to a center sump, inlet diffusers, and floating suction piping.

The facility includes a leak detection system, secondary containment under the tanks, cathodic protection for each tank, and a high-volume foam concentrate fire protection system.  

A concrete containment dike was designed and constructed to contain 110% of the volume of the largest tank. TYLin also designed a drainage system for the containment dike, with control valves to manage the effluent from the dike.  

Project Highlights:

  • TYLin’s services included preliminary and final design and construction administration services throughout the construction of the tanks.
  • The project site required extensive environmental remediation for removal of contaminated soil and old underground tanks before the site work could begin.
  • New 14-inch-diameter fill piping and 24-inch-diameter suction piping were designed to connect the new tanks to existing facility piping.  
  • TYLin prepared testing, flushing, and commissioning plans to hydrostatically test the tanks, flush the new piping, and make the tanks ready to be placed into service.


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