Mobility Plan of São Luís

Mobility Plan of São Luís

São Luís
Mobility Plan of São Luís

TYLin developed a mobility plan to modernize the transportation system in São Luís, Brazil.

With this project, the City of São Luís, capital of the state of Maranhão, Brazil, wanted to modernize its entire public transport system. The goals of the project were to improve the frequencies of the existing bus lines, introduce changes in rate policy, and implement an intelligent transport system (ITS) to enhance the entire network operation. The improvements would offer better services to citizens.

TYLin accepted the challenge. With its vast experience in this kind of study, TYLin is recognized as a benchmark company in urban planning and mobility in Brazil. With our reputation and the investigative work that the firm has been doing, this Urban Mobility plan serves as a technological reference point for the next few years.

Project Highlights:

  • The great technological development introduced in this study is the generation of origin-destination matrices by massively processing data obtained from mobile phones, commonly known as BIG DATA.
  • This Mobility Plan was the first project in Brazil, and one of the first in the entire world, to use the data registered in telephone antennas to locate the movement of people within a city.
  • Thanks to the agreement carried out with VIVO, a company of the TELEFONICA group, which is the data supplier, we managed to make this technology be officially recognized in public transport planning studies.

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