Monroe County Water Authority East Side Water Treatment Plant

Monroe County Water Authority East Side Water Treatment Plant

United States
Monroe County East Side

TYLin oversaw the construction of a new water treatment plant for residents within a nine-county region receiving potable water from Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) in Webster, New York.

TYLin’s scope of work began during the design development phase and included plan review, project approvals, oversight of a special inspection program and all required field inspections, and final project close-out.  

The project included the construction of three principal buildings on two sites: the 122,000-square-foot water treatment plant, a 2,400-square-foot water screening building, and an 8,500-square-foot pump station.  

The first structure completed was the water screening building that conveys water from Lake Ontario to the pump station. The pump station then moves the water inland five miles to the treatment plant, where water is processed to New York State Department of Health standards and distributed to the existing water distribution grid. 

The three buildings are key components of the East Side Water Supply Project, which also included a massive tunnel, 13 miles of new water mains, and other associated infrastructure.  

Project Highlights: 

  • The East Side Water Supply Project was the most extensive improvement to the area’s water supply infrastructure in decades. 
  • The completed project provides MCWA with a second major source of lake water, eliminating the dependence on stored water in reservoirs during system breakdowns or routine maintenance. 
  • The water treatment plant increases energy efficiency, as water pumped to East Side users travels half the distance than it did previously. 
  • A 9-foot-diameter intake tunnel extending more than a mile offshore and 150-feet deep under Lake Ontario produces over 50 million gallons a day of fresh water to supply the new water treatment plant.  


Monroe County East Side