Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

TYLin provided design review services in support of Sidara for the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link in Mumbai, India.

The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), India's longest sea bridge, delivers a seamless travel experience. Spearheaded by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority and funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the MTHL serves over 70,000 vehicles daily. By linking south Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, the structure facilitates easier commutes and fosters economic growth and societal progress, promising both cities a more connected and sustainable future.

The 21.8-kilometer sea link is a strategic solution to Navi Mumbai's rapid expansion, enhancing traffic flow and reducing travel time. The MTHL is equipped with an Advanced Traffic Management System for real-time monitoring and management of traffic, incidents, and emergency responses, ensuring safe and efficient travel for users. Sidara, as part of a consortium overseeing critical aspects of the MTHL project, provided design review and site supervision services for the construction of the 21.8-kilometer-long, six-lane wide carriageway viaduct across Mumbai Bay. The effort included managing four packages across marine, intertidal, and land areas. TYLin provided design review services.

Package 1: Sewri Interchange and a 10,380-kilometer marine bridge spanning the Sewri mudflats, Pir Pau Jetty, and Thane Creek channels.

Package 2: A 7,798-kilometer creek bridge, the Shivaji Nagar cloverleaf interchange, and the bridge portion across Thane Creek on the Navi Mumbai side.

Package 3: A 3,613-kilometer road bridge and earthworks with viaducts and interchanges at State Highways 52 and 54, and National Highway at Chirle.

Package 4: Establishment of a toll plaza, operation and maintenance center, rescue centers/lay-bys, administration building, Intelligent Traffic System, Toll Collection System, street lighting and electrical works, and procurement of operation and maintenance equipment for the entire MTHL.

Project Highlights:

  • MTHL reduces travel time between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai from 1 hour 45 minutes to 25 minutes.
  • The MTHL bridge superstructure incorporates a combination of prestressed concrete box girders and orthotropic steel box girders, including a span of 180 meters, crossing obligatory navigation channels.
  • The forward-thinking design sets a new standard for infrastructure development in India.