New Port

New Port

New Port in Poti

TYLin was responsible for the tender design for the refurbishment of the existing port dock and the design of a new deep-water port at the north of the existing port in Poti, Georgia.

In 2020, APM Terminals Poti announced its plans to create a deep-water port by investing over 250 million USD of private capital for phase 1 and a substantial amount for phase 2 in an extensive development of the port infrastructure and superstructure.

APM Terminals had purchased Poti Sea Port, the largest port in Georgia. The Poti Sea Port was a multi-purpose facility with 15 berths for different cargo and RoRo services, with a total quay length of 2,900 meters and more than 20 quay cranes. In addition to designing the tender phase refurbishment of the existing port, TYLin designed the new deep-water with a terminal of containers and solid bulks at the north of the existing port.

Two categories of ships are expected to berth at the new port: bulk carrier vessels and Super Post-Panamax container vessels. To accommodate them, the project included, not only the quay and associated yards, but also a new breakwater sheltering them, as well as dredging works to facilitate access and turning inside the basin. To protect the dredged areas from siltation, a secondary breakwater was also proposed.

To load and unload the vessels, two types of cranes were proposed to be installed on the quays:

  • 2 Mobile Harbour Cranes and
  • 2 Ship to Shore Super Post-Panamax cranes.

On land, the project includes an extension of 3,3Ha of the current container yard with a new workshop.

Project Highlights:

  • Drone and ROV surveys of the current breakwater were performed.
  • TYLin provided tender design of the current breakwater repair.
  • TYLin staff completed the FEED design of the new port.
  • Tender documents for the repair and the new port - FIDIC’s Yellow Book- were prepared.