North Las Vegas Water Reclamation Facility

North Las Vegas Water Reclamation Facility

United States
North Las Vegas Water Reclamation Facility

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, provided design and construction phase services for an end-of-line water reclamation facility utilizing membrane bioreactor technology.

The City of North Las Vegas decided to construct an end-of-line water reclamation facility (WRF) in lieu of conveying wastewater to other treatment plants in the area for handling. It was decided early in the evaluation process to pursue a design utilizing membrane bio-reactor (MBR) technology. The design consisted of an influent interceptor, coarse bar screens, an influent pump station with a self-cleaning wet well, grit removal with vortex grit removal basins, fine screens, aeration basins and membrane units, disinfection, solids handling and a reclaimed water reservoir and pump station.  

The coarse screens and grit removal units remove the constituents of the wastewater that would harm downstream equipment such as pumps and piping. The fine screens removed the solids protecting MBR membranes. The aeration basins are comprised of several cells providing a plug flow operation of the plant to allow reducing overall energy demand and improve treatment performance. The increased MLSS allows reduce size of the biological tanks.  

The first phase of MBR sized for a capacity of 25 MGD in Phase I with provisional expansion to an ultimate capacity of 50 MGD in subsequent phases. Certain plant components are designed and constructed for the ultimate 50 MGD capacity during Phase I to minimize structural capital costs.  

The MBR design included all required steps to develop and deliver project including, but not limited to development of preliminary hydraulics, process unit sizing, mass balance of solids, process unit descriptions, preliminary site layouts, and identification of electrical, instrumentation and control, structural, architectural, and HVAC facility requirements.  

Project Highlights: 

  • Design of an end of line treatment facility with ultimate MBR capacity of 50 MGD. 

  • Significant attention was given to the “good neighbor” design due to the proximity of the MBR plant to the residential areas. 

  • Solids are processed onsite for trucking to disposal in a landfill. 

  • The facility was designed to treat to standards suitable for discharge and reuse. 

  • The project was delivered through construction-manager-at-risk. 

North Las Vegas Water Reclamation Facility