North Shore Marine Transfer Station

North Shore Marine Transfer Station

New York, New York
United States
North Shore Marine Transfer Station

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, provided program management, design and commissioning services for the new North Shore Marine Transfer Station for the transport of solid waste out of Queens.

Since the closure of the Fresh Kills Landfill, New York City has utilized a series of land-based transfer stations for overland export of 15,000 tons per day of Department-managed waste to remote out-of-city disposal facilities. The project team created and developed the concept of MTSs designed to containerize waste in sealed shipping containers. This concept provides transportation flexibility while minimizing environmental impacts from litter, odor and leachate. As part of the Solid Waste Management Plan, City street collection vehicles bring solid waste to one of the Marine Transfer Stations where it is packed into sealed shipping containers. The containers are loaded onto barges for delivery to offloading facilities where they can be stacked onto rail cars for efficient transport to distant disposal locations.

Located in College Point, Queens, the North Shore MTS serves as the transfer location for up to 4,300 tons per day of waste collected from much of Queens. Design of the North Shore Station required creative solutions due to engineering challenges associated with its close proximity to LaGuardia Airport and sensitive wetlands in Flushing Bay.

Project Highlights: 

  • Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Design  

  • Accommodates physical and operational challenges of a heavy industrial facility in a harsh marine environment 

  • Creative solutions associated with proximity to LaGuardia airport and sensitive wetlands 

  • Minimize environmental impacts