Parking Platform at Barcelona Airport

Parking Platform at Barcelona Airport

Parking Platform at the Barcelona Airport

TYLin performed construction supervision services for the new South Parking Platform for aircraft at the Barcelona Airport in Barcelona, Spain.

AENA awarded a consortium formed by TYLin and others with the construction supervision for the new south parking platform for aircrafts of the Prat Airport’s Terminal 1.

The platform has a total surface of 65 ha and 104 parking spaces, 70 of which have direct access to the Terminal via walkways. The remaining are in a remote location. All the parking spaces may be used by all existing aircrafts in the market today, and two of them are adapted to the Airbus A380. Each space has access to all the necessary aircraft assistance services.

Project Highlights:

  • Construction of the pavement was completed in a deltaic soil which is characterized as crushable and with a shallow water table.
  • The airport has won the SkyTrax awards several times.