Program Management of the Potomac Water Supply

Program Management of the Potomac Water Supply

Ashburn, Virginia
United States
Program Management of the Potomac Water Supply

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, served as Program Manager of the $400M Potomac Water Supply Program.

Greeley and Hansen served as Program Manager to Loudoun Water (LW) for the planning and implementation of the Potomac Water Supply Program (PWSP). Loudoun Water’s $400M PWSP will provide the projected water demands for Loudoun County through 2040. The first phase included capital improvement projects to supply up to 20 MGD of additional water to LW customers in 2016. The second phase expanded the supply and treatment facilities to 40 MGD. The PWSP includes the following six major Program elements implemented as four major capital construction projects: 

  • Raw Water Intake 
  • Raw Water Pumping Station 
  • Raw Water Transmission 
  • Water Treatment Plant 
  • Finished Water Transmission 
  • Quarry Storage and Pump Station  

The implementation of the PWSP required development of standard processes and procedures for the Program team, including Owner, PM/CM and the designers. Greeley and Hansen established systematic and effective processes for Program Controls, Quality Management, Integration Management and Design Coordination, Value Engineering, Risk Management, Permitting and Easement Acquisition, Construction Management, Environmental Compliance, Startup and Commissioning Planning, and Program Software development. 

Project Highlights: 

  • Program management 

  • Permitting and compliance of new facilities 

  • Design coordination and program controls 

  • Stakeholder outreach management