Rehabilitation of Intercepting Sewers

Rehabilitation of Intercepting Sewers

NEW YORK, New York
Accelerated Water Main Replacements and Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacements

TYLin provided Resident Engineering Inspection (REI) for the rehabilitation of interceptor sewers in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The project, on behalf of the New York City Department of Design and Construction, included cleaning and lining large, high-volume sewers using centrifugally cast concrete pipe (CCCP), as well as pilot-study applications of polymer, polyurethane, and spin cast geopolymer.  

TYLin oversaw the inspection, coordination, management, and administration of the project from pre-construction to construction close-out. This included the oversight of all contractors’ work for conformance to plans, specifications, and contract requirements.  

Project Highlights: 

  • Due to proximity to other ongoing projects, TYLin developed a detailed schedule of operations. 
  • Complex maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) plans were developed. 
  • The project area included highly traveled roads in commercial and manufacturing zones and residential streets. 
  • The REI team was responsible for monitoring project progress and maintaining accurate records.