Rungis Rolling Highway Terminals

Rungis Rolling Highway Terminals

Barcelona - Rungis Rolling Highway Terminals

TYLin is part of a team that is performing project management services for the Barcelona – Rungis railway platform in Barcelona, Spain.

The consortium comprised of TYLin and SYSTRA is providing Project Management services for the railway platform Rungis – Barcelona, a project that proposes an alternative to road haulage in a saturated traffic area between Barcelona and Paris. The team is completing the project for VIIA, the railway logistics operator of the SNCF Group, that specializes in the railway transportation of trailers. The project will significantly reduce roadway traffic.

Road traffic continues to grow at an average annual rate of 3.5%. This project’s aim is the transport of 46.000 semi-trailers and 15.000 containers per year on a railway line. The project involves the construction of two railway transshipment platforms using a rotating surface, which allows all varieties of semi-trailers to be loaded without the use of cranes. One will be located in a Parisian vicinity and the other within Barcelona.

Project Highlights:

  • The system will be capable of transporting 46.000 semi-trailers and 15.000 containers per year through a railway line.
  • This system provides solutions for intermodal freight transport (transport of trucks by rail) with careful attention to cross-border traffic.
  • The international project team successfully combined French and Spanish engineers in charge of the design management and construction of both platforms, with one technical team located in Paris and the other in Barcelona.