Science Avenue, Science City

Science Avenue, Science City

Jiangjin Qu
Science Ave

TYLin is providing complete design services for Science Avenue, a landmark infrastructure project for the Science City development in western Chongqing, China.

With a total length of 66 kilometers, Science Avenue begins in the south from the Jiangjin Zhiping Yangtze River Bridge and Chongqing Luzhou Expressway and extends north to the Beibei Beidong Bridge and Chongqing Wuhan Expressway. The core section of the high-tech zone is 28.6 kilometers long.

TYLin’s roadway design for the new urban expressway includes 17 hub interchanges and 19 general interchanges. The width of Science Avenue is 104 meters, with eight lanes (four in each direction) designated for the main highway and four lanes (two in each direction) for the auxiliary road.

Science Avenue will provide a modern, efficient system that offers a fast, 50-minute trip on the main expressway (from end to end) and a slower alternative on the auxiliary road. The design speeds for the expressway section and auxiliary road are 80 kilometers per hour (km/h) and 40km/h, respectively.

Traffic lights on the auxiliary road will use smart technology for adaptive traffic timing. Once the front-end sensing equipment collects data and feeds it back to the traffic signal, the length of the traffic lights can be adjusted according to the traffic flow.

Science Avenue will serve as the main thoroughfare through Science City. The epitome of integrated “green” design and smart technologies, Science City will be divided into five urban functional sections and two nature-based ecological sections. Various modes of transportation are planned.


  • Science Avenue will form the central axis for Chongqing’s integration of “5 + 2 cities and nature,” blending ecology, science, and technological innovation. 
  • The project is a testament to "resilience + creativity" and the successful collaboration of a multifaceted professional team.