Świnoujście Tunnel

Świnoujście Tunnel

Świnoujście Tunnel in Poland

TYLin played an integral role in the feasibility studies and tender design of the Świnoujście Tunnel in Poland.

The City of Swinoujscie spans the opposite banks of the river Swina on the islands of Uznam and Wolin in northwest Poland at the border with Germany. The Świnoujście Tunnel crosses beneath the river and is part of the new road variant K1W1 connecting the German Border and Uznam (western) to Wolin (eastern). The tunnel is 1.44 kilometers long and hosts two lanes of traffic. The tunnel provides the only fixed link between the city’s two parts and catalyzes the region's economic development. 
TYLin participated in the feasibility studies and tender design, including all geotechnical and structural aspects.  

Świnoujście Tunnel - Poland