Switchgear and MCC Replacement at the TW Moses Water Treatment Plant

Switchgear and MCC Replacement at the TW Moses Water Treatment Plant

Indianapolis, Indiana
United States
Switchgear and MCC Replacement at the TW Moses Water Treatment Plant

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, designed the switchgear and MCC replacement to modernize the TW Moses Water Treatment Plant and ensure continued high quality water delivery.

Located at 56th street and Dandy Trail in Indianapolis, TW Moses Water Treatment Plant, formerly known as Eagle Creek WTP, is a surface water plant that is capable of producing over 20 MGD of water. This water production facility is one of the primary sources of water for the City of Indianapolis and surrounding communities. The facility is served from two 13.2kV Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) primary circuits which enters 13.2kV outdoor metal-clad type switchgear via underground ductbanks. The 13.2kV switchgear distributes power to 4160V motor control centers located in both the Filter Building and the Intake Building via step-down transformers. Each 4160V MCC distributes power to medium voltage water pumping units and 480V MCCs via step-down transformers. The 13.2kV switchgear is configured with both utility circuits connected and splitting the plant load. The switchgear will automatically transfer all load to only one utility circuit if the other utility circuit has failed.  

The electrical distribution gear exceeded their projected life cycle of 30 years. This project included the replacement of the electrical equipment to improve the reliability of the Water Treatment Plant. Electrical distribution equipment to be replaced includes the 13.2kV outdoor switchgear, two 4.16kV motor control centers, six 480V motor control centers, four 13.2kV/4.16kV transformers, and four 4.16kV/480V transformers. The project also included the addition of two 4.16kV VFDs, including one to a low level pump at the Intake Structure and one to a High Service Pump at the Filter Building. Additional scope items include the replacement of the DC control system that provides control power to the 13.2kV switchgear and high service pump valves, replacement of a PLC, HVAC improvements to the intake structure, and structural modifications to the intake structure to accommodate moving electrical equipment from inside to the roof.  

Due to long lead times for large electrical distribution equipment, the design schedule was compressed to complete the design so that construction can take place during Citizens planned WTP outage period. 

Project Highlights: 

  • Improved operation through modernization of electrical infrastructure  

  • Arc flash and SKM power studies 

  • Power metering and SCADA integration 

  • Compressed design schedule due to long lead times for large electrical distribution equipment