TPA Airside F Passenger Boarding Bridge Replacements

TPA Airside F Passenger Boarding Bridge Replacements

Tampa, Florida
United States
TPA Airside Passenger Bridge

TYLin prepared new aircraft layout plans and specified new Passenger Boarding Bridges at Tampa International Airport (TPA) in Florida.

As the Prime Design Consultant, TYLin designed aircraft layout plans and determined Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) specifications to serve 13 gates of Airside F. Designs included new preconditioned air (PCA) handling units, new PBB air conditioning, and 400 Hz ground power units (GPU). The new PBBs were designed with air conditioning to improve passenger comfort during aircraft boarding. 

TYLin also designed apron marking plans, verified the capacity of the existing PBB foundations, designed new drilled shaft PBB foundations, and specified fixed walkways.

Project Highlights:

  • We investigated the capacity of both the existing PCA system central plant and the electrical power system to ensure it would accommodate newer aircraft with increased power and air conditioning needs. 
  • Scope of work included equipping two gates with a visual docking guidance system (VDGS) and the relocation of six jet fuel hydrant pits.  
  • The VDGS supports safe and efficient aircraft parking and improves situational awareness for both pilots and airport operators.