Versova Bandra Sea Link

Versova Bandra Sea Link

Versova Bandra Sea Link

TYLin was the intelligent transportation system (ITS) specialist for the design and construction of the Versova Bandra Sea Link in Mumbai, India.

The Versova Bandra Sea Link (VBSL) is an iconic cable-stayed bridge connecting the Mumbai suburbs of Versova and Bandra. TYLin was a member of the Reliant team for this design-build contract. Our ITS design provides an integrated, fully operational traffic management and control solution to meet the current and future needs of the area. The bridge was designed to ease traffic congestion on the western coast of Mumbai and reduce commute time between the suburbs. 

The ITS implemented on the VBSL enhances the bridge's performance, improves safety, and provides a better commuting experience for users. The bridge features a traffic management system that monitors and controls the flow of vehicles. The system uses advanced cameras, sensors, and software to gather real-time traffic data, including speed, volume, and congestion levels. This information is used to optimize traffic flow and reduce travel time. 

The toll design incorporates ITS technology to identify vehicles, minimize cash payments, offer a better payment system, reduce delays, reduce transaction time, and reduce stopping to improve the commuter experience. New technology and procedures introduced to the toll collection systems infrastructure include automatic electronic toll collection and a semi-automatic Smart Card system alongside manual toll collection.  

The toll collection system is monitored and audited by central and plaza computer systems linked by a data communications network utilizing a fiber optic backbone. The cashless toll collection system uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to automatically deduct toll charges from a FASTag account.

Project Highlights:

  • The Traffic Management Center has an emergency response system that includes closed circuit television cameras, fire alarms, and emergency telephones, enabling quick emergency responses and improving commuter safety. 
  • TYLin’s designs included all head-end related equipment, accessories, software, licensing, and other equipment necessary for system operations. 
  • Variable message signs display real-time traffic information, such as congestion levels and incidents, to help commuters plan trips and avoid delays. 
  • The bridge has eight traffic lanes, reducing the commute time from Bandra to Versova from 90 minutes to 10 minutes. 


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