Water Resources Master Plan

Water Resources Master Plan

Greenville, South Carolina
United States
   Water Resources Master Plan

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, collaborated on an adaptable, environmentally, socially, and financially viable water resources master plan to meet increasing water demand while addressing climate change and future regulations.

The comprehensive master plan consisted of population and water demand projection, safe yield analysis of the reservoirs, and development of an adaptive Greenville Water Resources Management Model (GWRMM) which includes HEC-ResSim for the reservoir operation simulation and Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model for the reservoir watersheds to predict reservoir inflows. 

A number of population growth rates, and water consumption per capita scenarios were analyzed. The demand projections were then overlaid with water supply capacity, safe reservoir yields and available water resources through permitting to identify the timing of upgrades or additional water resources needed. Climate change scenarios were analyzed to evaluate the impact of climate change on.

water resources and safe yield of the reservoirs. Conclusions of the study showed that Greenville would have sufficient water supply through year 2100. Further, the project has already refined the integration possibilities for GWRRM. Specific examples for the use of models have been developed and thoroughly documented within ad-hoc User’s Manuals. Technical workshops have been organized to transfer knowledge related to the use of GWRRM to utility staff.  

Project Highlights: 
  • Comprehensive water resources master plan 
  • Assessment of the ability to meet future needs through 2100 
  • Water resources model was developed to determine rates of inflow and outflow from water supply reservoirs 
  • Evaluated impact of climate change scenarios on water resources