Yale University Schwarzman Center

Yale University Schwarzman Center

New Haven, Connecticut
United States
Yale University Schwarzman Center

TYLin provided structural engineering services for the renovation and expansion of Yale University's Schwarzman Center in New Haven, Connecticut.

This project transformed a 1901 complex to create the institution’s first campus-wide student center. The project’s four main work areas were the renovation of the University Commons building, the renovation of Memorial Hall and its rotunda, a horizontal addition along Grove Street, and a sub-grade addition below Hewitt Plaza.

Repairs and reinforcements for the University Commons roof were required to make the building usable as a modern performance venue. The exposed heavy timber trusses are now capable of supporting both the 50-foot vaulted ceiling and increased loading for catwalks, theatrical rigging points, and equipment.

The lateral system of the three-story horizontal addition consists of steel moment frames in both directions as well as cross-bracings at the second floor main level and mezzanine. While seamlessly integrated from an architectural perspective, the annex space is laterally independent from its historic neighbor. The sub-grade addition beneath Hewitt Plaza is also steel framed with slab on metal deck.

Project Highlights: 

  • The two Beaux-Arts style existing buildings, formerly University Commons and Memorial Hall, were originally designed by Carrère and Hastings. The design of the horizontal addition was inspired by an unbuilt concept by the original architects.

  • Underground spaces in the new subgrade addition, including informal areas for students to eat and socialize, are accessible from a new concrete stair that spirals downward from grade level.

Image credit: Francis Dzikowski/OTTO

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