Zapote – Curridibat Tunnel

Zapote – Curridibat Tunnel

San Jose
Costa Rica

TYLin played a pivotal role in the feasibility studies for the Zapote-Curridibat Tunnel project in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Zapote-Curridibat urban tunnel is a crucial infrastructure link connecting the Florencio del Castillo highway to the San José ring road. TYLin was a key contributor to the project's feasibility studies. TYLin provided expert technical recommendations on tunnel requirements and installations. We defined the most suitable tunneling methodology, offering critical insight into the temporary and final lining, risk analysis, and time and cost estimation. We analyzed the expected settlements and monitoring requirements.  

This project included twin tunnels, each 2,500 meters long. They were excavated through lahar volcanic soft rock using the New Austrian tunneling method (NATM). These tunnels were engineered to accommodate heavy truck traffic, with each tunnel featuring three lanes. The tunnels are poli-centrical, characterized by several tangent circles, and boast a carriageway width of 12.5 meters and a vertical clearance of 5.1 meters, resulting in an excavation section of 148 square meters.